Cockpit is a self-hosted, flexible and user-friendly headless content platform for creating custom digital experiences.

Why Cockpit?

Why Cockpit? Good question - let it be answered by a few key facts:

  • The first version of Cockpit was released back in October 2013 - Agentejo as well as the Cockpit Community made major improvements since then.
  • Cockpit Core is 100% open source - you can contribute, copy code or modify Cockpit to suit your own needs at any time.
  • Cockpit is built as a stand-alone solution without major dependencies.
  • Cockpit is self-hosted, which means that anything you need is a webserver running PHP. See Installation.

Use Cockpit for free

Cockpit Core is free of charge for everyone. Just install and start using it.

Decide where you store your data

In contrast to headless solutions provided as SaaS (Software as a service) Cockpit is self-hosted. With a self-hosted application running on your webserver of choice you have full control over the data and content stored in Cockpit.

This allows you to run Cockpit i.e.

  • on a hosting provider you trust
  • on a web server of your own
  • in an intranet

Extend and modify Cockpit

As Cockpit Core is a 100% open-source application you can modify and extend it if you need or wish to.