An API-driven CMS without forcing you
to make compromises in how you implement your site.

Your site. Your way. Enjoy making websites again.

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Perfect for developers

Simple. Powerful. Open Source. Enjoy developing.

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  • Self hosted

    Keep complete control. Cockpit doesn't dictate the way you organize your site.

  • Crazy fast & lightweight

    No need for a full SQL server for your small to mid-size site. We don't slow your site down.

  • Flexible

    Cockpit just delivers content. Implement your site the way you want, period.

  • Expandable

    Do you need more functionality? Creating your own modules is easy.

  • Modern & Simple Interface

    A modern and simple UI supports you managing your site and content.

  • Some Batteries included

    Markdown, Assets, Thumbnails and many more tools helps you to kickstart your site.

"This is just piece of code I've been looking for long time: simple, easy and powerful."

— Sergey Zozulya +SergeyZozulya

"Cockpit is definitely now my go-to CMS."

— Josh Brown OnPoint Digital

"Just give Cockpit a try and have fun again making any stuff for the web!"

— Artur Heinze @agentejo