A new approach to content management

Escape the page-centric view of web development.

Cockpit was born out of the need of building a simple dynamic site. Sure, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and all the other full-stack content management systems are possible solutions for that task ... but let's be honest, often they are just too bloated and too time consuming to setup, maintain and too complex implementing custom functionality.

Cockpit as an alternative

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Cockpits goal is to be simple, but yet powerful and designed in that way that you can spend less time trying to squeeze your site into a theme or template.


Don't waste time on setting up a cms. You need a backup? Just zip your project folder or better, combine it with versioning systems like Git.


Let Cockpit manage the content, implement and reuse the content the way you want. Everything is more stress free, everything is just more simple.

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Cockpit is built around modules.

Custom Content Types

Structure your content the way you want.

Powerful Content Fields

Markdown, WYSIWYG, Location, Galleries and many more.

Content Regions

Re-use content snippets anywhere on your website.


Create a collection of selected images to reuse them for portfolios etc.


Collect the data of any form and transfer it via email.


Manage folders and edit any file.


Backup and download functionality built-in.


Keep Cockpit up-to-date without moving files manually.

User Accounts & Groups

Manage multiple users, groups and set individual access permissions.

Revisions for Content

Restore any record to past versions.

Multilanguage Support

Manage content for multiple languages out of the box.

Javascript API

Access your data via Javascript with a simple API.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • Can I have Cockpit's backend in my language?

    Let's hope that you'll find your language in the offical language repository. Feel invited to add or update your language.

  • Can I use Cockpit for commercial projects?

    Sure! Take Cockpit and make money. It would be cool if you donate something after a paid invoice to support Cockpit's development.

  • I found a bug!

    Great! Please, submit it here to help making a more stable next release.

  • SQLite? Really?

    Yepp. SQLite is awesome and more than performant enough for over 90% of the websites out there. This site managed to handle a frontpage appearance on Hackernews without any problems. But if you still have mental reservation or working on the next Facebook, you can easily use MongoDB as Cockpit's main data storage.

  • Why another CMS?

    Cockpit is not another CMS. It's another approach to content management.

  • Can I contribute?

    This would be awesome. There are many ways to contribute: Documentation, Issues, Community

  • Where can I get some help?

    Cockpit has a public community page where you can ask for help.

  • Is there any commercial support?

    Cockpit is baked by Agentejo, please contact us for professional and fast support.

Cockpit is a Brainchild of


We are a creative webdesign / development studio based in Hamburg, Germany.

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