Cockpit's user system is basically role based. Each user is assigned to a Role, that defines the user's permissions.

As a cockpit user you can

  • log in to the administration panel
  • request API endpoints

with access to endpoints, features and resources you got permission to.

Managing users

The basics

  1. Login to your Cockpit installation
  2. Navigate to Users at /system/users
  3. See the list of users
  4. Possible actions
  • Click Add user to add a new user
  • Click on a user item to edit the user
  • Delete a user

User settings explained

As most fields are well-known from other web applications or cms systems not much has to be said here. Nevertheless, we want to point out some things.

  • The Role is essential when dealing with lots of users with different permissions required, so make sure to set appropriately in any case.
  • The API Key provides access to Cockpit's API.

Screenshot of the user edit form

Further reading

  • Detailed information about roles and permissions in Cockpit can be found at Roles & Permissions.
  • More information on API key usage is available at API.