Cockpit Pro

Cockpit Pro is an advanced and feature-rich edition of Cockpit, tailored to elevate your content management experience to new heights. Cockpit Pro offers an exclusive suite of premium add-ons designed to address the unique needs of ambitious projects and provide developers with powerful, scalable, and versatile solutions for managing complex web applications and websites.

Cockpit Pro includes an array of carefully curated premium add-ons, such as Webhooks, CloudStorage, Inbox, Lokalize, Pages, and Sync, each designed to address specific challenges and streamline your content management workflows. From handling form submissions, managing translations, and optimizing site structure to automating synchronization between Cockpit instances, these add-ons offer enhanced functionality and efficiency to help you create the best possible digital experience.

With the purchase of a Cockpit Pro license you support the development and maintenance of the open source Cockpit Core (MIT license).

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Installing license file

  1. After your purchase or request is processed, you will receive via email a link to download a license file.
  2. Download & save the license file to your local machine
  3. Put the license file on the root level of your Cockpit instance
  4. Done!