The Pages add-on is an extension takes a page-centric approach to content creation and editing, simplifying the process of managing a classic site tree, SEO, and menus for your web application or website. As organizing and optimizing content is vital for creating a successful online presence, this powerful add-on offers developers an all-in-one solution for handling site structure and navigation with ease.

With the Pages add-on, developers can effortlessly create, organize, and manage pages within a hierarchical site tree, while also supporting multiple page types. This add-on streamlines the process of designing and maintaining website navigation, enabling you to create custom menus and adapt them to your project's unique requirements.

Managing pages

The list of pages

Screenshot of a list of pages

Note, that pages can be organized in a menu like way by dragging and dropping a page as a child of other pages.

Create or edit a page

Each Page contains some common fields, such as a title, a slug and the SEO part. All additional content is organized in a Layout. Use the layout to create highly flexible and customized content foreach of your pages.

Screenshot of a page

While pages themselves are standalone pieces of data they are usually organized within one or more menus. Whenever you require a menu i.e. in the header or footer of a website, Cockpit's Menus feature can be used to organize your pages.

Screenshot of a list of menus